With the Urban Chic Collection, we have chosen to redefine the limits of your daily life. Whether you are an amateur of bold lines and contrasts, or a fan of artsy shapes and simple sophistication, you’ll find the functional design that completes your mood.

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A carefully designed and contemporary option for bedroom storage.


Crafted with attention to detail, this nightstand is designed to complement your bedroom decor while offering convenient bedside storage.


Balancing chic flair with a relaxed sensibility, this bed is the keynote of comfort and the perfect addition to your bedroom.


Spacious drawers ensure the table is fit for hiding nighttime essentials out of sight.

Stow away precious possessions and everyday essentials in this luxurious drawer chest, guaranteed to pair perfectly with any existing decor.

Looking to achieve bedside beauty? This is perfect for placing in a pair either side of the bed.